Chevron is one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies and conducts business worldwide. US based organization, Chevron hires more than 60 000 employees worldwide, in several business entities. Chevron is no longer just an oil company; it now spends significant efforts on developing green energies. Chevron enterprise represents a huge group of workers, aiming at making the world better every day.


Chevron is currently working with a CS1000 platform. Their operators were working with M2250 attendant consoles for dispatching incoming calls which had two completely different focuses. Given the fact that their different business units have several employees, Chevron directory contains more than 90 000 entries. Their main objective was to keep the same level of customer service quality while improving the performance and efficiency of their call reception operations.


With attendants receiving a significant amount of calls on a daily basis, the main challenge was to integrate on the same machine two attendant applications, in order to receive both executive and regular switchboard calls on the same pc. The chosen application also needed to be synchronized with a huge corporate directory, since enterprises nowadays evolve in a constantly changing world.


Komand Solution for integrated Telecommunications was chosen to answer their business needs. Chevron acquired 15 consoles with the ‘document management and copy to call’ option. This choice enabled having 2 applications residing on the same computer; thus working with the same interface to answer two completely different business units. The solution offers them real-time access to the most recent information from the whole organization.