About us

Blue cross members plan are non-profit organizations which are present in all Canadian regions. In each province, eligible residents can purchase Blue Cross insurance to get health, dental and travel coverage on a personal or group basis.


Obsolete recording system

Blue Cross needed to record all calls from its contact centers located in Montreal and Toronto for legal reasons. To do this, the company was using an outdated recording system which needed to be replaced by a more modern and efficient technology.

Quality control

The Blue Cross also wanted to acquire a system that would enable them to do quality control to evaluate the performance or its various activities of sales and customer service.


The company also wanted to use this new tool in order to do ongoing training of its 144 agents in Montreal and 32 agents in Toronto. With a volume of 3000 calls per/day, Blue Cross had to be equipped with a robust and user-friendly system, integrated to a quality control solution.


  • Recording to validate the information and to be protected
  • Mesure the performance of agents
  • Target areas to be improved by agents
  • Tailor training to specific needs
  • Analyse and find business opportunities and trends
  • Optimize customer service


Blue Cross chose NovoLog’s solution to permit them to gain access to permanent call recording with a decentralized architecture based on two independent systems, connected to a common database. The flexible system is integrated with the technological infrastructure of the Blue Cross. NovoCoach, a control solution with the unique quality of qualitative and quantitative criteria, was also installed in addition to NovoLog.


Technological improvement of the call recording system

The two sites, Montreal and Toronto, save their calls locally and in parallel they are synchronized to a common database. In this way, the two call centers have access to all corporate communications. NovoLog is a multilingual and scalable system that can meet future growth needs of the Blue Cross, adding channels to an undetermined number of agents or by connecting to other plants.

Quick conflict resolution

With the research tool and NovoPlayback for listening to records, BlueCross users can immediately retrieve the desired records and validate information to quickly resolve a conflict or protect them in case of litigaton.

Introduction to quality control in business processes

Supervisors can now evaluate agents with NovoCoach, providing support and giving the necessary knowledge to agents. Blue Cross optimizes the quality of service, increases the level of satisfaction of staff and customers and helps retain them. Listening to the voice files also pinpointed precisely agents and gaps which helped Blue Cross develop training strategies.

Establish business strategy faster

Recovery and listening to voice files also allow Blue Cross to use the business intelligence contained in the conversations. Indeed, the information gathered can be used to evaluate the performance for different sales activities and customer service for the marketing of products and to validate its competitive offerings on the market. All this data can establish business strategies that will be effective and aligned with customer needs.