Rouge Valley Health System regroups two community hospital campuses: Rouge Valley Centenary in east Toronto and Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering in west Durham, Ontario, Canada. In addition, the organization counts community sites delivering mental health program services in the surrounding municipalities. Rouge Valley Health System has more than 10 000 medical staff, including nurses, doctors and medical specialists, working in the various sites of the organization.


The two different directories needed to be synchronized as often as possible to provide operators with the most accurate information to inform the population accordingly. Moreover, switchboard operators had to handle CODE and LOCATION on 2 dedicated phone sets. Management was also looking for a solution to eliminate the physical ‘bulletin board’ which had become useless and a waste of paper.


Rouge Valley Health System are working on Avaya CS1000 M3904 consoles platform (previously M2250). They wished:

  1. synchronize the patient information system and the hospital staff directory
  2. a solution which would enable them to get critical information in real time for all sites
  3. properly identify calls according to the codes and location of the calls


Komand became the only choice because of its numerous features which were usually available on the market at twice the price. Komand was integrated with their current Avaya CS1000 providing consequently operators with smart call details and real time access to information they needed, thanks to Komutel synchronization tool and its document management option available through Komand.