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Software and Cloud-Based Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

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Komutel can provide healthcare solutions that will fully integrate communication networks and synchronize data sources in a way that will eliminate unnecessary delays due to telecommunication problems that may arise during critical and daily events. Whether you need staff, beds or material resources, our smart solutions will enable you to enhance productivity through improved workflow and efficiency.

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Why Choose Komutel Products in the Healthcare Industry?

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Discover how our products can help players in the healthcare industry

Komand: The command center including the console and its options:

Screen Pop: Enables to document each call through a function that searches and displays information related to a customer when the agent answers a call.

Presence Management: Real-time status of users for one or many sites – various attendance reports are available. This solution is a perfect substitute to the Physician Schedule.

Emergency Procedure Management: The emergency procedure management helps you update your documents by empowering your manager (internal or external to your organisation) and accelerating message distribution to all personnel involved.

Notification: The perfect tool to integrate all your communication channels and reach physicians as quickly as possible. Would you like to replace pagers?

Schedule Management: This solution assists healthcare managers plan resource allocation in the most optimal way. Schedule Management even enables physicians to enter events and engagements that are external to the hospital settings so that everyone may be informed.

Kontact: Contact center and its options.

Inbound Intelligence: Draw on the wealth of data available on Internet to enrich your interactions, communications, and management.

Komcall: Automated call answering solution.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Create self-service terminals to free up staff for other tasks and automate many processes.

Appointment Scheduling: Automate the transmission of appointment confirmation messages.

Autodialing System: Run multiple automated calling and notification campaigns through mass dialing.

Komlog: Recording of calls, screens, quality control, and performance management.

Komsync: Database synchronisation and centralisation such as Admission/Departure/Transfer.

Komstat: Call accouting, reports and stats on your telecom infrastructure use, including long distance and fixed cost re-invoicing.