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Software Solutions for the Public Safety and Homeland Security Industries

Policer pour la sécurité publique

Unified communication is the most complex challenge that faces public security and homeland security professionals. That is why Komutel provides leading-edge products that use all available telecom networks to protect citizens, whatever the event. Many communication channels can become unreliable in case of an emergency. Komutel’s solutions help you reach everyone “when the going gets tough”.


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Why the Public Safety/Homeland Security Sectors Should Rely on Komutel’s Product Line?

  • Fast and accurate retrieval of critical information, whenever and wherever the user may be
  • Solution is fully customizable to your organization’s needs
  • Improve compliance with government regulations on call handling
  • Complete reconstructing of scenarios
  • Optimize dispatcher and responder performances as well as skill assessment and staff development with straightforward evaluations
  • Deliver a better service to your clients
  • Improve staff effectiveness through centralized access to client data
  • Our products will help you communicate more efficiently with your employees
  • Improve organization efficiency and responsiveness
  • Solution is fully customizable to your organization’s needs
  • A guarantee that our system will grow with you – we are supported and certified by the world’s biggest telephony and communication manufacturers

Discover How our Products Can Help Players in the Public Safety/Homeland Security Sectors

AQS Server: Provides real-time translation of all data received and delivered to the emergency telecom service provider (usually referred to as “PSAP”) as well as of all the information that may transit in the 9-1-1 environment, including that of your CAD software (computer-aided dispatching).

SIT 911 CPID Interface : Telecom command center including a call dispatching console and all the options.

Screen Pop: Enables to document each call through a function that searches and displays information related to the caller when the phone is ringing.

Presence Management: Real-time status of users in one or many sites -various attendance reports are available.

Emergency Procedure/ Document Management:  Provides access to your updated documents, designs a project lead (internal or external to your organization) and automatically distributes updates to all personnel involved.

Notification: Unify all your communication channels to reach first responders as quickly as possible. The perfect solution to replace pagers.

Schedule Management: Helps managers to plan resource allocation in the most optimal way possible and enable resources to enter external schedule details so that everyone is informed.

Kontact : Multimedia contact center  and all its options. Kontact helps agents do what they do best by automating call dispatch.

Inbound Intelligence: Draw on the wealth of data that is Internet to enrich your interactions, communications, and management.

Komcall: An evolutive automated call answering solution.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Self-service terminals to free up staff and automate many processes at the same time.

Appointment Scheduling: Automate message delivery and call reception from clients so that they can confirm their appointment.

Autodialing System: Enable the simultaneous delivery of voice messages and information by phone to a large number of people.

Novolog: Reliable call recording system that protects against possible litigations. Furthermore, many emergency calls are often scarcely audible and instant replay of these calls is essential to providing the right kind of assistance.

Komsync: Database synchronization and centralization for tasks such as external resources employee directories.

Komstat: Call accouting, reports and stats on your telecom infrastructure use, including long distance and fixed cost re-invoicing.

Komusic: On-hold music solution that enables you to select your audio source files to be used when customers are put on-hold.