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Software and Cloud-Based Solutions for the Finance and Insurance Industries


The growth of Komutel is the best proof of the trust that the Finance and Insurance industries have put in us since our foundation. This business relationship has motivated us to develop leading-edge product lines and solutions that meet and exceed the requirements of both the Finance and Insurance industries.

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Why Choose Komutel Products in the Finance and Insurance Industries?

  • Improve the skill levels of operators/receptionists
  • Enhance staff efficiency by centralizing the customer data
  • Facilitate staff training
  • Get feedback on the quality of the information transmitted and received by the branch
  • Optimize skill assessment and staff training through simple initiatives
  • Communicate in a more efficient way with your staff through our products
  • Quick access and thorough search function
  • Better information quality
  • Higher quality service
  • Boost sales and adoption of new services among customers and members
  • Improve organization/institution efficiency and responsiveness
  • Solution is fully customizable to your organization’s needs
  • A guarantee that our system will grow with you – we are supported and certified by the world’s biggest telephony and communication manufacturers
  • Improve communication and information compliance as well as privacy

Discover how our Products Can Help the Finance and Insurance Industries

Komand: command center featuring a call dispatching console and its options

Screen Pop: Get quick access to all the information related to the caller as soon as the phone rings, including a history of all the actions taken for this client

Presence Management: Real-time status of users for one or many sites -various attendance reports are available.

Call transfer by history and call management: Caller ID and suggested follow-ups at call reception, display additional predefined information and triggered actions such as call transfer, etc.

Document Management: Empower an internal or external manager to control the document update process and automatically send updates to all stakeholders.

Kontact: Multimedia contact center and all its options. Kontact helps agents do what they do best by automating call dispatch.

Inbound Intelligence: Draw on the wealth of data that is Internet to enrich your interactions, communications, and management.

Komcall: An evolving automated call answering solution.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Self-service terminals to free up some personnel and automate many processes at the same time.

Appointment Scheduling: Automate message transmission and reception to clients so that they can confirm appointment.

Autodialing System: Enable the simultaneous transmission of voice messages and information by phone to a large number of people. Perfect to promote services such as RRSP (in Canada) and 401(k) (in US).

Komlog: A reliable call recording system that protects against possible litigations. Furthermore, Komlog sorts recordings and enable you to add notes.

Komsync: Real-time database synchronization and centralization of database content, such as customer/members records

Komstat: Call accouting, reports and stats on your telecom infrastructure use, including long distance and fixed cost re-invoicing.