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Discover our Cloud-Based and Software Solutions for the Public and Corporate Sectors

Is your organization evolving in a multisite environment? If so, your telecom infrastructure might very well be a puzzle. But not to Komutel: we have given a lot of thought to the matter.

Our applications have been designed to eliminate physical constraints to sound and easy organization management, including telecom aspects.

You can trust us to strengthen and maximize what is at the core of your activities: communications.

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Why Choose Komutel Products in the Public and Corporate Industries?

  • Provide better service to your clients
  • Improve the efficiency of your staff by centralizing data
  • Better communicate with your employees through our products
  • A guarantee that your employee will comply with your current legislation environment and internal policies
  • Quick and satisfactory resolution of complaints and requests with the client call history feature
  • Better compliance to rules through better new structured information sources
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Easier and quicker access to existing infrastructures while respecting the organization’s functional needs
  • A guarantee that our solutions will evolve with your organization because we are supported and are certified by the largest telephony and communication manufacturers.

Discover How our Products Can Help the Various Levels of Government and Private Businesses

Komand: A command center including the console and  its options:

Screen Pop: Document call with a search function and an information screen containing all relevant details from a given caller as soon as the phone rings

Presence Management: Real-time status of users in one or many sites -various attendance reports are available.

Emergency Procedure Management/ Documents: The emergency procedure management is a process to update your documents by designing a project lead (internal or external to your organization) and by automatically distributing updates to all personnel involved.

Notification: Unify all your communication channels to reach first responders as quickly as possible. The perfect solution to replace pagers.

Schedule Management: This solution helps managers to plan resource allocation in the most optimal way possible and enable resources to enter external schedule details so that everyone may be informed.

Kontact: Multimedia contact center and its options. Kontact helps agents do what they do best by automating call dispatch.

Inbound Intelligence: Draw on the wealth of data that is Internet to enrich your interactions, communications, and management. Help your agents zero in on the message and deliver it to your clientele.

Komcall: An automated call answering solution.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Standardize your telephone greeting system, automate processes, and create self-service terminals to free up staff

Appointment Scheduling: Automate message transmission & reception of a great number of clients to confirm appointment

Autodialling System: Mass simultaneous transmission of vocal messages and information to clients

Novolog: A reliable call recording system that protects against possible litigations. Furthermore, many emergency calls are often scarcely audible and instant replay of these calls is essential to providing the right assistance.

Komsync: Database synchronization and centralization.

Komstat: Call accounting, report and stats on your telecom infrastructure use, including long distance and fixed cost re-invoicing

Komusic: Music on hold solution that enable you to select your audio source files to be used when customers are put on-hold.