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The Components of Komcall Will Help You Eliminate the frustrations from your Customer Support Environment

PBX independant, Komcall is a family of automated calling solutions that will help you save time by assuming many of your customer service department’s repetitive tasks, while maintaining a high level of service quality.

Your employees’ time is precious. Do you want to optimize it and use their strength to close sales, to serve your customers and to conduct surveys? Komcall is the essential tool to help you reach your goals.

Your business objectives are to get the most out of your customer service activities without increasing your expenses. Whether you want to reduce your operation costs or increase your revenues, Komcall offers many products to improve the management of your incoming calls and outbound calls.

Komcall groups many products:

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  • Features
  • Related Solutions

Why Use Komcall?

  • Standardize customer interactions
  • Gain insight on your interactions with your customers through traceability
  • Improve call quality and performance of your agents
  • Provide various communication channels to help your customers contact you
  • Increase customer satisfaction by offering new services (self-serve systems)
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Save time by reducing the volume of call dispatched to your employees
  • Maintain and improve the perception of your business
  • Generate a quick ROI
  • Implemented in software or Kloud mode (private and hosted)
  • Centralized Komutel SQL database
  • Enables customers to find the information they need through real-time queries made in the Komutel database
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) : Manage client greeting at all levels, each one fully customizable
  • Appointment Management Solution: Launch calls to confirm appointments and greet clients
  • Auto Dialer: Initiate call campaigns from lists compiled by your organization to meet your telemarketing, survey, public alerts and other needs
  • Predictive Dialing: Automated call dialing to connect an agent to a customer as soon as the agent is free to take a call
  • Voice Mails: Add an extra customer communication channel to your Komutel system to provide more mobility to your users by giving them a way to listen to voice messages

Komutel options and products complement each other to provide your organization with a truly comprehensive solution. Here are some possible integrations:

  • Kontact : A multimedia contact center at the core of Komutel’s operation
  • Komand: Provide call center agents with a real command center from where they can manage all their customer interventions
  • Komsync: Centralize customer information and improve customer service
  • Komlog: Voice recording (REC IP)