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Komutel’s RMS Application Monitoring: Monitor and Guarantee Performance of Applications at the very Heart of your Processes

Komutel’s RMS application monitoring solution keeps an eye on your applications to help you prevent and solve potential problems that can happen in your computer operations and unified communications environment.

RMS is both a value-added service provided by Komutel, but also constitutes the best platform to monitor Komutel business processes and applications, used by your agents/operators during routine operations or while implementing new technologies. The unique monitoring user interface works across all environment types, for all companies and SMBs, in either cloud-based or desktop-based flavors.

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RMS lets you easily add value in a snap by providing an easy, worry-free, and quick implementation process that ensures a truly seamless integration to your existing unified communications and customer support environment.

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Why Use RMS Application Monitoring?

  • Get and provide a real-time overview of the performance of your critical applications and processes to validate working order and availability
  • Proactively identify problems that may affect users
  • Easy to install and use – like all products in the Komutel suite
  • Improve the quality of service provided to your user community
  • Define priorities: who may be affected, where and what is involved
  • Strengthen SLA agreements and the clients expectations in terms of quality and service
  • Prevent problems related to change management in real-time
  • Demonstrate to all stakeholders how to successfully achieve update implementation.
  • Works like a “heart beat monitor” of the client’s application
  • Closely monitors applications through the Web in a bidirectional mode
  • Can be accessed from the Kloud platform
  • Can be used across all telephony and unified communications environments, including virtual and hosted cloud-based modes
  • Monitors an unlimited number of applications
  • The application follows and measures all user activities on all applications through log files that are available for analysis

RMS Application Monitoring is a great asset for all Komutel products as it guarantees service continuity of your applications.

Do you need a user-friendly turnkey solution or monitoring tool for your IT department? RMS will quickly become a service on which you will rely.