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All your Contact Information in an Easy-to-Use, Convenient, and Secure Central Directory!

The Online Directory provides instant and easy access to your entire database’s contact information in a single, central location. That means your staff will not waste time anymore tracking down that elusive contact information they know “is somewhere”.

The Online Directory is a central depository that contains all the contact information in your database: names, departments, phone numbers, job titles, emails, etc. It provides quick and easy access to information according to specific profiles and user groups as defined by your organization.

In a nutshell, the Online Directory simply reflects your information security concerns in your unified communication environment.

The central Online Directory strong suit is security. User access is controlled by unique identifiers with encrypted passwords. Information is displayed according to preset user group and profile types privileges.

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Why use the Directory?

  • Can be deployed in local mode in an intranet environment, in an extranet, or in a private or hosted Kloud
  • Central SQL database
  • Interoperability with the market’s main database systems: Active Directory, Oracle, and others
  • Serve as the backbone of the schedule management tool
  • Password encryption provides secure access to contact information
  • Customizable security rules for passwords to reflect your information security policy (changing passwords at regular intervals, limiting number of failed connection attempts, etc.)
  • Unlimited number of contacts (the only limitations being the database and the types of physical and virtual equipment where the Online Directory is installed)
  • Unlimited number of profiles and user groups
  • Customizable information access profiles (as an example, you can enable managers to view all the information available while the clerical staff can only see the contacts’ names and phone numbers)

Directory 1

Directory 2

Directory 3

Directory 4

Directory 5

Komutel options and products complement each other to provide your organization with a truly comprehensive solution. Here are some possible integrations:

  • Komand : Add the power of telecommunication to your directory with the Komand console
  • Schedule Management : Manage your resources’ time while centralizing access to their schedule across a multitude of media
  • Komcall : Use your own central source of contact information to launch call campaigns, confirm meetings, etc
  • Komsync : Centralize your external databases such as Admission-Departure-Transfers

Eliminate the ‘cannot be found’ external files and the frustration caused by out of date contact information. Adopt the Directory and benefit from all the advantages of an unified contact information source that can be updated in real time.