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SIT 2: Professional Call Handling Made Easy

Compatible with most UC platforms, the enhanced attendant software of Komutel’s PC Console integrates your telephone system with your corporate directory and other associated data sources.

This unification of voice and data on the desktop results in a faster call handling and a greater accuracy for any call center.

SIT 2’s ease of configuration and user friendliness allow companies of all sizes to significantly improve their customer relationships as well as their employee productivity and their business performance.

The SIT 2 PC Console logs a detailed record of all activities to its SQL database (date, time, CLID, call duration, call treatment, hold time, extensions, etc.). This information provides management with the metrics required to maximize staff efficiency. This database represents the core of the whole suite of Komutel advanced solutions.

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Why use SIT 2?

  • Plug-in architecture to allow easy addition of other Komutel modules and options
  • Platform independent – supports all PBX types
  • Deployment in local mode (on premise)
  • Central SQL database, to allow all SIT 2 licences to share status and contact information
  • Interoperability with the market’s main database systems: Active Directory, Oracle, and others
  • Integrate all of your organization’s network in a single interface
  • Emulation of all your phone system’s features with advanced unified communication functions
  • Call management via mouse, keyboard or touch screen
  • Click to dial feature
  • Context menu with single click contact via email, SMS and up to 15 phone numbers (office, cellular, residence, pager, etc.)
  • Display real-time status of agents, and all types of activity, across your organization
  • Unlimited number of contacts and display groups
  • IP camera management
  • Integrated directory / address book with advanced search filters
  • Ability to share critical information
  • Asset management
  • Conference room management
  • Emergency response management
  • A wide range of options available (see related solutions tab)



Komutel options and products complement each other to provide your organization with a truly comprehensive solution. Here are some possible integrations:

SIT 2 has proved its effectiveness time and time again in industries such as Healthcare, Public Safety, Finance & Insurance, Government & Corporate , and others. Discover how SIT 2 can enrich your interactions