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Your PSAP. Your Way.

Konnect is a solution that allows you to communicate and to collaborate where and how you want. Many types of exchanges can be accomplished with Konnect, providing secure communications and collaborations. Konnect allows you to use chat, video, voice, images and data.

Konnect is designed to work on existing hardware and to follow any policies or rules. It creates a common operating picture within any ecosystem. An ecosystem is the community of users configured within the Konnect application. Members can access Konnect from any device that has supported browser connectivity to the ecosystem database. An ecosystem could be a hospital, a police station, a fire department, a factory, etc.

  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Use Cases
  • Releases
  • Save more lives
  • Protect more property
  • Create a common operating picture
  • Greater situational awareness
  • Be more secure
  • Save more money
  • Keep your solution current
  • Communicate and collaborate securely without any special hardware or software
  • Instant messaging between registered Konnect users
  • Voice and video calls between registered Konnect users
  • Voice and video calls via on-the-fly invite
  • File sharing between registered users
  • Sharing of screen captures between registered Konnect users
  • View IP enabled cameras
  • Emergency call handling
  • Dispatch (including crime analysts)
  • Event Planning
  • Incident Management System
  • Investigation
  • Community outreach
  • No equipment burden on external agencies
  • Incident Management System
  • Real-time situational awareness
  • Video from scene
  • Remote camera view
  • Common operating picture
  • Cross agency collaboration
  • Incident reconstruction

Kloud 1.5.2

Kloud 1.5.1

Kloud 1.5

Everybody wants to save more lives. Konnect is the first step to achieve that goal.