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Desktop or Web-Based Presence Management Solution

Our Presence Management solution combines many cutting-edge technologies to provide you with a top-of-the-line employee or external partner attendance status platform. Our presence management function is fully platform-agnostic and can integrate data from external systems (see all compatibilities), Outlook calendars (Exchange), GPS devices, but also from many telemetry tools.

Work realities often dictate that staff travels. One can sometime be left wondering where collaborators are at a given time. Presence management is there to help you quickly with information updated in real-time!
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Why Use Presence Management?

  • Save time
  • Improve collaboration between partners in different locations (building, cities) using different platforms
  • Increase productivity

In an environment where an organization’s many locations must act in concert, the presence management option enables you to gather information about remote phone extensions in real-time and redirect their calls. This option lets you know who is online and who is not available, from Los Angeles to Montreal, to Calgary, and everywhere in between.

  • Integrate with a centralized SQL database.
  • Check employee availability in real-time (present, absent, in meetings).
  • Unlimited number of status: the presence management system integrates all your phone system(s) status – you can even create custom statuses that reflect your work environment.
  • Multisites.
  • Employees are autonomous when it comes to the management of their attendance status.

Komutel options and products complete and complement each other to provide your organization with a truly comprehensive solution. Here are some possible integrations: