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Accelerate the Notification Process during Critical Situations

The Notification module accelerates emergency notification delivery to one or many recipients and facilitates management of all steps involved in that process. It guarantees that notifications are delivered to the right person at the right time and provides an exhaustive report of all actions undertaken.

In this era where BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend continues to dominate most workplaces, emergency notifications help you easily alert employees at any time on their device of choice.

Notification : reach everyone everywhere, anytime, on any device

Notification is available for all smartphones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry), emails, SMS/Text, pager devices, and regular phones. Communication status (read, received, transferred, undelivered, depleted batteries, etc.) is available in real-time to enable your staff to react quickly.

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Why Use Emergency Notification?

  • Shorten possible delays when delivering emergency notifications
  • Minimize stress that may arise from dealing with an emergency situation
  • Reach resources and staff faster
  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Give more confidence to staff with a real-time history
  • Ensure communication confidentiality
  • Avoid errors: human errors, physical breakdowns, network loss, etc.
  • Centralize communication management
  • BYOD-Ready
  • Comply with the rules of accreditation bodies that supervise communication strategies of health organizations
  • Available in both software and SaaS cloud-based solution (private or hosted)
  • Compatible with both numeric and alphanumeric pagers, regular phones, smartphones (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android), and SMS
  • Encrypt communications to enable exchange of confidential data
  • Notifications can be delivered simultaneously to any combination of emails, SMS, PIN to PIN, etc. to one or many recipients
  • Message content and status monitoring are fully customizable
  • Recipients can choose their own default communication device
  • Information can be updated through your current human resource employee directory
  • Users can customize notification content and delivery status (read, received, etc.) to be shared with other employees in the organization
  • Komutel’s centralized SQL database solution provides a detailed action history
  • Notification system can inform user of any physical breakdown within a customizable time window
  • Can interact with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter






Komutel options and products complete and complement each other to provide your organization with a truly comprehensive solution. Here are some possible integrations:

  • Komand: Multimedia notification brings Komand to the next level by removing all the technical hurdles
  • On-call Schedule Management: Let your staff and management confirm or modify on-call assignments
  • Auto Dialer: Round out your communication and notification strategy with the automation of call campaigns that can be initiated from a cell phone
  • Emergency Procedures/Documents Management: Create shortcuts in your documentation to reach people faster with ‘click to call’ feature

Cut in half time needed to process your communications during emergency situations by choosing Notification. Reach the right resource at the right moment. Contact us to learn more.