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Case Studies


Rouge Valley Health System

Rouge Valley Health System regroups two community hospital campuses: Rouge Valley Centenary in east Toronto and Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering in west Durham, Ontario, Canada. In addition, the organization counts community sites delivering mental health program services in the surrounding municipalities. Rouge Valley Health System has more than 10 000 medical staff, including nurses, (…)

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Health and Social Services Center of Rimouski-Neigette Hospital

The Health and Social Services Center of Rimouski-Neigette regroups the regional hospital, the CLSC  (Health unit) and the residential long-term care centre. The Health and Social Services Center of Rimouski-Neigette’s primary function is to offer patients healthcare services and promote long term care for a vast territory, including the Bas Saint-Laurent, the Gaspésie and the Côte Nord (…)

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Public Safety

The Canadian National Defense

The activities of the Canadian Forces and the Department of National Defence, like those of every other federal government organization, are carried out within a framework of legislation that is approved and overseen by Parliament. Together, the diverse elements of the Defense Portfolio provide the core services and capabilities required to defend Canada and Canadian (…)

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Finance and Insurance

Public and Corporate

Blue Cross

Blue cross members plan are non-profit organizations which are present in all Canadian regions. In each province, eligible residents can purchase Blue Cross insurance to get health, dental and travel coverage on a personal or group basis. Blue Cross needed to record all calls from its contact centers located in Montreal and Toronto for legal (…)

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Chevron is one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies and conducts business worldwide. US based organization, Chevron hires more than 60 000 employees worldwide, in several business entities. Chevron is no longer just an oil company; it now spends significant efforts on developing green energies. Chevron enterprise represents a huge group of workers, aiming at (…)

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