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Komutel - Service Contract

Call Recording

What is documenting a recording?
Documenting a recording means manually or automatically adding information during or after the conversation. A documented recording optimizes its research, gives you more information about its content, gives it more value and therefore makes it easier to integrate in your business processes.

NovoLog is designed to document your recordings.

Manually, during the call, with (…)

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Manage your recordings with NovoLog DataManager
NovoLog DataManager, a NovoLog application, allows to establish a record management strategy in terms of deleting and archiving. The basic criteria is life duration and available disk space where voice and video segments are stocked. The archiving function copies segments where your backup security can save and remove them from their (…)

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Verbal contract between the professional and the client
A verbal contract is an agreement between two individuals or organizations concluded orally.  This verbal contract is valid in all cases where it has rights and obligations between the individuals involved.

It is important to mention that a verbal contract is as valid as a written contract.  However, a verbal (…)

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How to connect a VoIP recorder

Scenarios explained in the following sections(Mirror port on a managed switch, SPAN port configuration using managed switch, Recording scenarios involving multiple switches in a LAN and Recording from multiple sites in a WAN) suppose the use of a managed switch with a many-to-one mirror (or span) port feature. The managed switch has an additional level of (…)

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This first scenario does not have any impact on your network traffic and is not affected by the types of switches and routers used in your network. The VoIP traffic is simply captured via a network tap installed on the link between your PBX and your network switch. The network tap copies all packets going to, (…)

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The key to record VoIP calls is to have a copy of all the TCP-IP traffic concerning calls forwarded to the recorder. This may become complicated when many switches are involved as described in the following sections. Nevertheless, there is a simple way that must be considered if recording internal calls is not mandatory.

The simplest scenario (…)

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In order to record all types of calls (incoming, outgoing and internal), all phone ports, as well as the PBX port, must be mirrored to the recorder port (see figure below). Hence, all the telephony traffic will be forwarded to the recorder.
Recording of inbound, outbound and internal calls on a single managed switch

Mirror port capacities
Commonly, telephony (…)

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As explained in section 5, the switch serving the PBX must at least have the capability to monitor (mirror) one port. With this basic and mandatory feature, inbound and outbound calls are recorded. To record internal (local) calls, a switch with many to one mirror port feature is necessary.

The first figure below shows a first switch (…)

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When more than one physical location is involved in a recording scenario, two solutions are possible.

The first one involves a unique recorder and a RSPAN scenario as described in the previous section. However, additional parameters related to the WAN must be validated:

Is it possible to establish an RSPAN among different sites? It may sometimes depend on (…)

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Contact center

Any organization must one day face the loss of customers. In these economically volatile days, with unprecedented competition on one hand and the arrival of new players in a market in slowdown, customer loyalty is a goal that can be quite difficult to achieve. Although, seeing its value is easy. Knowing that reducing customer defection by (…)

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Compliance Management Solution

The majority of interactions and actions in contacts centers begin with a conversation. This is the reason why it is essential to have access to these conversations at all times and ensure the highest level of Information security management. Call recording and screen capture are the basis of any initiative for well-structured compliance program.

Regulatory (…)

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Never in history has there been such strict legislation pertaining to the control of call centre operation. Organizations are in a position now where they do not have any choice but to record all of their communications in order to conform.
Here two certifications that have significant impacts for call centers :

The PCI Security Standard Council is (…)

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Performance management of agents is an essential process for any organization that aims to be a market leader. In a contact center environment, performance management has two principal functions :

Call evaluation
Coaching / Mentoring agents

Call Evaluation
This function requires the preparation of evaluation matrices adapted to the organization`s objectives. The evaluation forms must be easy to construct and (…)

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One of the most challenging aspects of running a contact center is keeping its agents. Indeed, customer contact centers are work places where there is generally a high staff turnover.

But why do agents quit so often? Recent industry studies on the subject reveal that inconvenient work hours, repetitive tasks, a stressful environment, scheduling conflicts, cultural differences, (…)

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The satisfaction of today is the loyalty and profitability of tomorrow.
In a competitive marketplace where businesses must become more customer-oriented, customer satisfaction is seen as a key element of differentiation and has increasingly become an essential aspect of any corporate strategy.

Easy to define, the satisfaction of a client lies in the agent ability to meet or (…)

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Listening, Apologies and Empathy – The recipe to deal with angry customers
You may be selling the best products and you may have excellent employees, but your most important asset is undoubtedly your customers. No customers, no business.

Call center agents bear a heavy responsibility being on the front line. In addition to the image they project, they (…)

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