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Manage your recordings

Manage your recordings with NovoLog DataManager

NovoLog DataManager, a NovoLog application, allows to establish a record management strategy in terms of deleting and archiving. The basic criteria is life duration and available disk space where voice and video segments are stocked. The archiving function copies segments where your backup security can save and remove them from their original location. The attached data resides in the database, it is always possible to retrieve the archived records. In addition to these management functions, NovoLog DataManager can also send you an email when disk space reaches a predetermined threshold.

An advanced version is available

An advanced version is available as an option on the recording solutions. It is intended for users with knowledge of NovoLog products and their business needs in terms of corporate data management. The user can create archival and purge rules based on multiple criteria such as data acquired CTI. Thus it becomes possible to configure NovoLog DataManager to retain records of an agents group for a specific time period, while those of another group would be retained for a different period. Each rule set is presented in the users native language while allowing him to understand the effects of their operator’s choice.

NovoLog DataManager is a powerful tool that has been developed with the needs of all NovoLog users.