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Project Management

From the first contacts, our specialists are at the customer disposal to identify objectives and expectations from the project. Those specialists are backed by a management team that is committed to uphold the highest standard in the industry.

We work to achieve the impossible and give you unmatched satisfaction.

Activities Coordination

Early in the project, our team is responsible for coordinating all activities and establishes a clear schedule right at the beginning of the project to carry out the implementation, so as to guarantee efficiency of the whole installation process.

Several follow-ups

There are several follow-ups during the process so everyone is updated about the development of the project and then informed of anything that can impact the delivery date. For example, the telecommunication provider has a certain number of configurations to do in the systems, which need to be mandatorily done before Komutel installation. The project follow-ups then become mandatory to ensure all variables are set prior to the implementation.

Planning and Design: Key to Success

We have adopted over time a proven and structured project management approach, greatly inspired by Agile and PMI standards for project management. We know that communication in-between parties (that is the end-user customer, the reseller and Komutel) is key to success; that is why we put so much emphasis on planning, design and free communication.

What value will Project Management bring to me?

Project management is as important as the software itself; indeed it will allow integration of the customer data, customization of that information and much more. Our project management experts are trained to manage effectively resources, time, money and the whole scope of the project so that in the end, the solution is entirely yours and meets your upmost expectations.