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A Proactive Outbound Appointment Confirmation Solution

Is hiring a new resource to help you reduce your overall customer support expenses possible?

Well, the outbound appointment confirmation solution is an automated assistant that contacts customers by phone, email or SMS to confirm appointments and that provides 24/7 access to your qualified personnel.

The appointment confirmation solution enables your clients to confirm their attendance, to check the day and time of their appointment, to cancel, to submit a request to reschedule and to talk to someone at any time.

The appointment confirmation system enables you to make automated reminder calls to clients. The solution is highly configurable: you can select from a variety of customizable call templates.

Scheduling system will reduce the workload of your personnel when used within a continuous improvement framework. This will help agents to get more involved in the customer experience when live or in-person interventions are required.

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Why Use Outbound Appointment Confirmation?

  • Save time
  • Have the best ROI on resources affected to appointment scheduling
  • Reduce human errors
  • Increase efficiency
  • Restrict human intervention to more complex interactions
  • Standardize the customer process
  • Save money
  • Offer seamless service continuity to your clients
  • Cloud-based (private or hosted) or software-based deployment available
  • Multimedia: contact your customers / patients by phone, email or SMS
  • Central SQL database
  • Custom level and hub configuration
  • Message from each level can be recorded from a phone, computer, or with a text-to-speech feature
  • Unlimited number of levels
  • Unlimited number of ports (calls that can be simultaneously handled in the system)
  • Solution allows live interaction  – at any time – with an agent
  • Built-in schedule
  • Retrieve data from your appointment system: synchronization and requests are possible with various databases
  • Available 24/7
  • No human intervention required (except for more complex calls)
  • Reporting capabilities (choices made by clients, caller IDs, trends, etc.)

Komutel options and products complement each other to provide your organization with a truly comprehensive solution. Here are some possible integrations:

  • Schedule Management: Get a complete solution for your appointment scheduling team with a better orchestration of your staff schedule
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Add unlimited number of ports for a volume solution
  • Komusic: Entertain users while they wait to get from one level to the next. Explain the breadth of your services and broadcast through promotional messages.
  • Kontact: A call center solution if you have many resources handling appointment scheduling.
  • Komand: A telephony console that acts as a true telecom command center

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