Call Recording

What is documenting a recording? Documenting a recording means manually or automatically adding information during or after the conversation. A documented recording optimizes its research, gives you more information about its content, gives it more value and therefore makes it easier to integrate in your business processes. NovoLog is designed to document your data recording.

Manage your recordings with Komlog DataManager
Komlog DataManager, a NovoLog application, allows to establish a record management strategy in terms of deleting and archiving. The basic criteria is life duration and available disk space where voice and video segments are stocked. The archiving function copies segments where your backup security can save and remove them.

Verbal contract between the professional and the client
A verbal contract is an agreement between two individuals or organizations concluded orally.  This verbal contract is valid in all cases where it has rights and obligations between the individuals involved. It is important to mention that a verbal contract is as valid as a written contract.

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