Customer Loyalty


Any organization must one day face the loss of customers. In these economically volatile days, with unprecedented competition on one hand and the arrival of new players in a market in slowdown, customer loyalty is a goal that can be quite difficult to achieve. Although, seeing its value is easy. Knowing that reducing customer defection by 5% can double profits should persuade contact centers to become more customer-oriented, and focus all their attention on their sole source of revenue: the customer.

Maintaining and enhancing customer loyalty should be the primary goal of every organization. The key factor to achieving this resides right in the call center. Bearing in mind that agents are the ones who initiate and build a relationship with customers, it is essential that the service provided be impeccable.

Below are some tips for building customer loyalty:

  • focusing on the customer’s experience is crucial;
  • recruitment of call center personnel should always be the center of attention;
  • collaboration with marketing and top decision-makers in organizations should be done on a regular basis;
  • build a training program based on customer loyalty objectives;
  • follow-up, validation of training and actions should be conducted and frequently re-evaluated.

It goes without saying that customer loyalty also requires knowledge about the customer. Thanks to the solutions offered by Novo, gathering information about the preferences and needs of each client is easy. Thus, the agent is positioned to provide a personalized service which can only strengthen the existing relationship.

The NovoLog and NovoCoach software were designed to assist contact centers managers to achieve the objectives of their organization and to provide them with the right tools to successfully promote customer loyalty.

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