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Foundation Komutel

Komutel Foundation: The reflection of our community values



Help the local population in the event of an ordeal to provide for basic needs: housing, food and clothing ..


With whom are we working:

Komutel’s team is proud to have a positive impact on the environment supporting organisms such as Moisson Beauce, Le Bercail, the Fondation de l’école Kenebec of St-Côme and Le Sillon, while participating in different sports activities including dragons-boat race, the Neiges Canmor challenge and the 24 hours of soccer to name only a few.

The company also sponsors Komutel hockey league of Saint-Georges to encourage the practice of this sport. Furthermore, Komutel offers its help to other locations where it operates like at the Children’s Breakfast Club near Toronto as well as internationally with Compassions et Vision Mondiale.

To contact us, please call us at +1 877-225-9988 or write to us at the following email address:



Help us bring the light to those who are in difficulty by obtaining the Komutel Foundation candle at a cost of $ 4.

The money raised will support our mission: “To help the local population to provide for basic needs: housing, food and clothing.”

Make a difference in someone’s life by supporting the Komutel Foundation.

To get candles contact us at the following email:

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