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Kapture is a screen recording software that captures activity as it occurs on-screen, while call center agents have verbal interactions with their customers.

Evaluate an agent from voice recordings will tell you if the agent has responded to the customer inquiries. Nonetheless, screen recording provides a comprehensive picture of the agent’s true performance.

Why screen recording?

  • Improves the agents evaluation process and learning opportunities for measurable results;
  • Assists in the evaluation of the total customer-agent experience;
  • Prevents and resolve disputes;
  • Delivers key performance metrics;
  • Gives a clear, up-to-the-minute picture of agent workflow, accuracy and comprehension and use of desktop applications.
  • Two screens at the same time during or after the call
  • Undetectable by agents
  • The screen capture and the audio file are exported together as one integrated file; this enables them to be synchronized during playback.
  • Recorded in industry standards, their small size simplifies file sharing and minimizes the load on your network.