Komutel SIT911 PSAP clients: Business Continuity Plan

Business continuity plan
Business continuity plan

Dear Komutel SIT911 PSAP clients,

We know that containment measures applied to slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) can raise concerns about the sustainability of economic activity

Please be aware that Komutel is taking all necessary precautions and measures that allows our customers to have access to our solutions to work from home as recommended by the Prime Minister of Quebec.

We have put in place a Business Continuity Plan with special pricing for Komutel SIT911 PSAP clients.

Requirements to enable remote handling of 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls:

  • Laptop or desktop computer with Komutel SIT 911 (E911) or SIT 911i3 Multimedia SIP Softphone (NG9-1-1) installed
  • Secure VPN access from the remote Call Taker laptop / desktop computer to the PSAP network
    • Enables remote connectivity to Avaya Session Manager
    • Enables remote connectivity to Komutel AQS / i3 Call Interface (i3CI)
    • Enables remote connectivity to Mitel
  • Answer position mapping for remote Call Taker positions
  • Licensing for emergency remote positions (PBX & Komutel)
  • SIT911 user training in place

Supported Features:

  • All  9-1-1 and non-emergency call handling features
  • ANIALI / NG9-1-1 Location Data display in Komutel Call Taker Interface
  • ANIALI / NG9-1-1 Location Data push to CAD with Answer Position ID
  • Call handling data written to SQL database for reporting purposes

Dependencies to be considered:

  • Remote Call Taker internet connection speed
  • QOS / latency
  • Secure VPN configuration


  • Ability for remote agents to handle 911 calls remotely in case of pandemics, natural disasters, other emergencies
  • Same configuration as PSAP existing soft phone
  • Complete use of directories, SOPs, 911 reports


  • 50% discount on SIT emergency licences. Requires Komutel maintenance agreement
  • If PSAP orders 10 or more, the offer includes 2 hours of Komutel professional services
  • If dealing through Partner – partner discount is maximum of 5%

*This Special pricing offer is valid until June 30th, 2020

If you are interested in this offer, contact us :

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