Our inbound intelligence solution is a powerful research tool that draws from all of your organization’s information sources as well as the Web to provide you with a simple screen that pops-up when a call is received. This screen pop features detailed information on your caller that will help you reach your business objectives more quickly.

Select the best course of action with our inbound intelligence solution.

Inbound intelligence is your map to the best course of action.

As soon as a call is received, the inbound intelligence solution queries your centralized database – as well as all possible external data sources – to gather the most relevant information in a format specified by you, the manager.

Equip your customer service team appropriately with a true information goldmine: detailed customer history, contact information, public stats such as average locality income, average home value, and more.

Why Use the Inbound Intelligence Solution?

  • Increase customer service performance levels
  • Boost sales by helping you better identify the needs of your customers
  • Better target your customers’ needs
  • Improve agents and staff performance
  • Initiate or maximize your Big Data strategy
  • Generate a very quick ROI
  • Save time
  • Centralize information
Can be implemented in software or cloud-based configurations (private or hosted) Client record – according to caller ID or his phone number - is brought forward as a pop-up screen as soon as a call is answered Records can be manually searched Unlimited number of client records Data from the whole Komutel suite can be integrated within the client record Client record can be customized Centralized SQL database Custom solution with the integration of information sources and databases selected by the customer Free Web information sources such as Canada411, Google Street, and etc. can be integrated

Komutel options and products complete and complement each other to provide your organization with a truly comprehensive solution. Here are some possible integrations:

  • Kontact : Bring your contact center to the next level by introducing your agents to a powerful information source that can inform their interventions
  • Komand : Structure information from our inbound intelligence solution to maximize all your customer interactions
  • Kom911 : Inbound intelligence is the perfect value-added complement to existing information available to 911 operators
  • Komsync: Centralize all of your organization’s information with Komsync