Komutel offers two alternatives of call operator consoles, either software or cloud based.

Cloud Console Komand

Komand is much more than an operator console: it constitutes a true cloud-based / software command center that will enable your organization to unify networks, data and communications.

Komand is Komutel’s next-generation console that offers a wide array of features that facilitate and improve inbound and outbound call handling in a professional manner, thanks to an intuitive interface.

Komand can be customized to perfectly reflect your needs. As such, it can serve an unlimited number of industries and will become an essential frontline asset in your business process.

Komand is a scalable solution that accelerates call treatment while improving efficiency. Komand is a major asset to organizations where service continuity and customer support quality are both a priority.


Why Use Komand?

  • Display real-time status of agents across the organization for an improved call handling efficiency
  • Increase productivity and operator performance quality
  • Improve onboarding time for new agents and user adoption rate with its intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Facilitate information access through its central database

Software Console SIT Console

Compatible with most UC platforms, the enhanced attendant software of Komutel SIT Console integrates your telephone system with your corporate directory and other associated data sources.

This unification of voice and data on the desktop results in faster call handling and greater accuracy.

SIT Console ease of configuration and user friendliness allows enterprises of all sizes to significantly improve their customer relationships as well as employee productivity and business performance.


The SIT Console logs a detailed record of all activity to its database (Date, time, CLID, call duration, call treatment, hold time, extensions, etc.). This information provides management with the metrics required to maximize staff efficiency. This database represents the core of the whole suite of Komutel advanced solutions.


Why Use SIT Console?

  • Better customer service
  • Increased efficiency
  • Professional call management
  • Flexible integration of business processes
  • Save time
  • Reduce costs
  • Generate a quick ROI
  • Centralize all of your contact information