Koach Software for a better evaluation of agents - Komutel

Koach is a software for quality monitoring and agents evaluation and coaching in call centers. Koach will support coaching, progress follow-up and staff evaluation activities linked to your call center’s performance management! It’s not always easy to evaluate at the right time, but with Koach it’s now possible!

Why use our agents evaluation software, Koach?

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Measure the performance of your agents, teams and evaluators
  • Create data needed for defining personalized development plans per agent
  • Maximize the training of your staff at a low cost
  • Reduce agent and customer turnover
  • Increase standards and processes compliance
  • Increase your income
  • Identify opportunities for process improvement 


Koach is the agents evaluation module used for quality management, that consists of two distinct elements - Console and QM. Console facilitates the creation of organizational structures and the technical operations necessary to the establishment and running of a quality monitoring program. The quality monitoring program itself is accessed via QM where media files are examined and staff coached.

Koach includes the following options

  • A flexible application structure that can reflect the makeup of any organization
  • Varying User Roles aligning application permissions with organizational function
  • External web-based player compatibility
  • A scheduling function that automates the regular selection of media files for Evaluation according to pre-set parameters appropriate to individual Agent needs
  • The ability to create multiple Evaluation Templates to address the unique requirements of every department
  • Customizable, mixed scoring criteria
  • Media bookmarks to highlight exact segments of an Agent’s performance for use in coaching
  • Graphic reports that expedite the use of collated data for every element of the quality monitoring program


The simplicity of the interface of our agents evaluation software and its intuitive nature make all of these features quickly and easily understood by every member of staff according to the level of access they have been accorded.