Klient interface note and radio and PBX recording - Komutel

The Klient Module is an interface allowing users to interact with the Komlog recorder from their own workstation. Klient is a unique client interface that can evolve according to the clients’ needs.

Klient is a software which allows you to include notes or control the recordings of Komlog.

Klient is an application residing in the agent computer and enables it to interact with the recordings of Komlog servers

Why use Klient?

  • Adding more information. THe interface allows the addition of an identification that can be entered and linked to the ongoing call in order to facilitate a later search using Komlog player
  • Enter in a privacy mode by sending a request to the recorder to pause the recording during a certain part of a conversation
  • The recording resumes when the user gives the signal or until the status of the call changes
  • Store recordings by tagging current calls.