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Over the years, the evolution of communication technologies has highlighted the gaps in our E9-1-1 service, sets with analog rather than digital technologies and no longer supports the needs of a growingly wireless mobile society.

How NG911 will help public safety leaders improve the safety of civilians?

To improve the reliability and efficiency of 911, Next Generation 9‐1‐1 (NG9‐1‐1) networks will be implemented in order to create a new system that allows the public to transmit voice, photos, videos and text messages to the PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) thanks to new wireless and IP-based communication devices.

Furthermore, NG911 will develop PSAP ability to manage call overload, natural disasters, and transferring of 911 calls based on location tracking.

Komutel, your partner in migration to the Next Generation 9‐1‐1 (NG9‐1‐1)

Komutel partners with you to deliver solutions for your everyday and exceptional public safety needs. Blending equal parts of listening, systems integration and open, standards-based software, Komutel solutions are as affordable as they are adaptable to future change. What’s more, Komutel solutions are developed to adhere to your policies and your rules. Welcome to the safe way to Next Generation 9-1-1.


The SIT 911 Call Position ID Telephony Interface is a true command center, integrating data from various sources, networks and media into a user-friendly interface.

Komutel SIT 911 is a 911 software that handles the required interface for Call Position ID and manages all the essential call handling, forwarding and statistics needed from an operator console..

This telephony interface, specially created for PSAPs, is compatible and certified on all major Telephony Platforms.


The Komutel Automatic Location Identification Server is a 911 software solution that provides interoperability between current serial data interface environment and the new IP based terminal interfaces.