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Information Centralization

Komsync captures and integrates data from your entire Komutel environment into one central database.

Integration of information in one place can increase efficiency by minimizing redundant tasks and more importantly, by providing relevant real time information

Synchronization of files and data in a centralized database will help establish a near real-time interoperability between current and future applications for any organization with more than one database.

Komsync is an essential tool for your DBA, your IT and your telecommunication departments. Data centralized by Komsync allows real-time access to the most updated information and thus, results in better customer service.

Why use Komsync?

  • Eliminate redundant data processing;
  • Provide a fallback of data in a risk plan context;
  • Reduce management and maintenance costs;
  • Rapid return on investment;
  • Improve performance and productivity;
  • Access to the most comprehensive real-time information;
  • Improve the overall efficiency of the organization and its scalability;
  • Improve customer service with access to relevant updated information

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