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Developed in Canada for Canadian Public Safety Agencies

Our Multimedia Softphone 911 call handling consoles are the tool of choice for 911 center agents. They allow the integration of data from several information sources into a single centralized database as well as the customization of fields on a single interface. This increases efficiency and provides relevant information in real time. 

SIT911 Multimedia Console features:

  • Customizable profiles in respect of rights and security
  • Customizable interfaces (user preferences or in respect to the SOPs in place)
  • Contacts management
  • Groups and sub-groups management
  • Time and telephony statuses management
  • Telephony features emulation (Dial, Hold, Transfer, Redial, etc.)
  • Contacts advanced search
  • Call management (automated actions for incoming call)
  • Transfers by history
  • Document management
  • Integrated web browser (Agent 511)
  • Reasons to hangup management
  • 911 transfer management (Ambulance, Police and Fire)
  • ANI / ALI et geolocation
  • Panic shortcut for immediate assistance
  • 911 relay modules (radio and 911 lines)
  • Light module for the display of statuses
  • NG9-1-1 ready (NG9-1-1 transfer and RTT)

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