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Interactive Voice Response

Komutel’s interactive voice response is an inbound call management solution enabling callers to navigate through various levels to discover the most relevant information, specify their requests or to be transfered to the agent with the best expertise to answer their questions.

With interactive voice response, you can offer a custom phone greeting to your customers as well as self-manage your system. Exit all those unfathomable “scrypting” tools, you can now easily record voices and insert them at the required level.

The interactive voice system is sure to become an indispensable asset to your company and customers. The caller is easily greeted and qualified through the system and can quickly find the information he or she is looking for, thanks to automated database queries.

Eliminate simple information requests such as your address or your business hours with interactive voice response.

Why Use Interactive Voice Response?

  • Save time by reducing the volume of calls transferred to your employees
  • Increase customer satisfaction through new services (ex: self-service phone system)
  • Build on and improve your company image with a custom greeting system
  • Standardize customer interaction
  • Bring your customer service quality and performance to new heights by offering perfect matches between your customer needs and the best agent expertise
  • Gain visibility into your customer interactions
  • Help your customer get the best information
  • Boost customer loyalty
  • Generate a quick ROI
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