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Documents and Procedures Management

Are you looking for a better way to connect users, contents, and processes? Integrating your documents to your work processes is the first step and of one the simplest ways to best optimize your organization’s document management processes and thus, save time and money.

The document management software (also available in a cloud-based mode) enables you to both share documents in real-time and manage their updates.

Assign resources to the document update process. As soon as a new version is available and updated by an employee, it is automatically forwarded by email to the relevant parties.

Document Management will benefit your organization, whatever your need may be: paperless challenges, emergency procedures management, etc.

Why Use the Document and Emergency Procedures Management Function?

  • Centralize many of your organization’s key documents, regardless of the original format (.pdf, .doc, .docx, .xsl, etc.)
  • Save time by providing a direct access to the updated content you are looking for
  • Increase operator and organization productivity
  • Efficiently manage the document update process
  • Notify key personnel of the availability of new document versions
  • Improve response and reaction time during emergencies
  • Define secured and fully automated workflows including internal or external participants.
  • Reduce printing and ecological footprint
  • Increase resource collaboration
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