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Multi-channel messaging platform

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Multi-channel messaging platform and massive sendings, VuduMobile allows all types of companies to improve communication and engagement between them and their environments (customers, prospects, employees, partners).

VuduMobile provides the best multi-channel messaging platforms for exceptional, customer service quality .

VuduMobile Text Messaging: One-to-One Marketing

Our text messaging allows you to communicate with your customers using the right message, at the right time, via the most instantaneous, efficient and practical communication channel in order to meet their expectations, build loyalty and maintain contact with them.

You will have the possibility of creating personalized lists and segments to specify your target and implement an effective one-to-one marketing strategy. You can also use the “mass alerts and messages” functionality to communicate important and / or urgent information such as the availability of a product, the status of an online order or the holding of an important event.

Customer relations are at the heart of your business strategy

One of the strengths of our text messaging platform is to instantly deliver accurate numbers and powerful data on messaging, efficiency, contact and notification reports

Our reliable, complete and ergonomic solution improves your quality of service and your relationship performance.

Choose email to send your professional messages

Email is an essential electronic communication channel that allows you to:

  • Multiply communications regardless of the number of correspondents and their immediate availability
  • Ensure traceability and follow-up of exchanges
  • Manage the dissemination of personal information or within a group, direct or indirect
  • Classify, archive and search the communications made

Email is the easiest communication’s channel that allows to reach a large number of people at the same time and stay in touch with your audience in order to communicate your offers, your services and your news quickly and efficiently.

In addition to its communication aspect, e-mail is a powerful channel for establishing a relationship of trust and reliability with your target audience in order to retain them.

Effective email communications with VuduMobile

Whether you want to send remindersdaily updates or notifications, you’re just a click away from reaching your audience, improving brand awareness and building customer loyalty.

Our multi-channel messaging platform gives you the ability to plan your campaigns and emails to stay in touch with your audience easily, automatically and worry-free.

Assist your visitors in real time with Live Chat on your websites and platforms

Easily integrate VudoMobile’s live chat to your website and platform and captivate your visitors by communicating with them in real time.

Target the most qualified visitors following their web journey and get closer to your customers thanks to simple and fast exchanges.

Having a live chat makes it easy to track and manage your team’s customer interactions, no matter the scale of your business

Our reliable and comprehensive solution helps you boost your growth while providing tailor-made, human and personalized communication to each client.

Why use our multichannel messaging platform?

  • Unified inbox
  • Assigning and transferring conversations
  • Creation and use of custom templates
  • Locking conversations
  • Importing and exporting contacts
  • Various data reports (email, efficiency, contact and notification reports)
  • Mass Notification
  • Automatic and delayed responses

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