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Report and Accounting

Our report generator solution, Komstat, gathers information from your telecom infrastructure and analyzes it to help you make better decisions.

Usage data is collected directly from your system’s own Call Detail Recording, a computer record that provides detailed information about your outbound, inbound and internal phone calls such as date, time, duration, dialed numbers and even more.

These details, as well as those provided by each Komutel module (Kontact, Notification, SIT911), are compiled into many different reports that can be customized according to your needs.

Komstat is an evolutive call reporting solution which adds value to any component of the Komutel Suite.

Why Use Komstat Call Reporting?

  • Control telecom expenses
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Get a quick ROI
  • Obtain a real-time call history
  • Trace inbound calls for quality and security reasons
  • Identify peaks and congestion periods
  • Improve global performance
  • Save time
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