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Screen Recording


The screen Recording Software Skreen is a tool that captures the screen activity on a contact center agent’s workstation at the same time as the call is being recorded. Adding screen capture to a voice recording adds value to the Quality Monitoring process, as it allows the validation of callers interactions, the appropriate use of available computer tools, as well as the agent’s knowledge of these tools.

Key features:

  • Screen Recording Software Skreen adapts to your work processes, allowing you to capture one or two screens during and after the call (to capture post-call transactions)
  • Screen capture occurs at the same time as the voice recording and is exported as a single, integrated file
  • Video files are encrypted as soon as they are captured
  • Screen capture can be done on a large number of agent desktops simultaneously, without impacting the responsiveness of agent desktops
  • Recording up to 24 hours of continuous screen activity requires only 1 GB or less
  • Proxies produce the industry’s most compact screen recording files; making 100% screen recording economical
  • Improve effectiveness of quality assurance efforts by capturing agent screen activity without alerts
  • Playback screen recordings in a web browser or export in .wmv

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