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Public Safety

Proposed Solutions for Public Safety :

Komutel works in the development of world-class communications software, specifically for public safety. Our portfolio of emergency call management solutions includes: 911 softphones for call management, unanswered call management, E911 building emergency response management, queue management, synchronization databases and reporting.

We have also developed a connector that will link ESInet to the 911 centers, the i3CI. This product will revolutionize the transition from 911 to NG9-1-1. In fact, Komutel is currently working with key partners to launch the first NG9-1-1 tests and test the i3CI and validate its operation and necessity.

once set up the NG911 will allow PSAPs to receive emergency calls in the form of SMS, Video, and images. This new generation of emergency call management will give staff a lot more information, and allow them to have more visibility on the situation. With this additional data available, first responders can better assess the severity of a situation and make decisions faster and with greater awareness.

Our services include consulting, needs analysis, project management and IT / IoT integration. Komutel serves several 911 call centers in Canada and other agencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by integrating its applications into the 9-1-1 network, telephony, DAC and radio systems.

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