Targa AIR

Alert Interactive Dispatching (AIR) is the solution for every fire services that needs to communicate more quickly and more efficiently with their team members. Targa AIR saves you time and money, provides for immediate access to communication reports and considerably reduces liability. Through its open architecture, Targa AIR can be customized to meet your specific needs and bridges seamlessly with your existing 911 dispatch software.

With its unique conception, Targa AIR represents the fastest communication solution on the market!

Once the dispatch central receives an emergency call, the dispatch is pushed onto the mobile network through privileged access with all major mobile providers, allowing the key stakeholders to acknowledge in real time the status of every call at every step of the process. How many firefighters received the alarm, how many are on their way, are there enough firefighters available to send backup to the surrounding municipalities when needed, etc.

Why Use Interactive Alert Dispatch?

  • React more proficiently to emergencies and unexpected events
  • Real-time resources’ status
  • Seamless integration with 911 dispatch software, first responders and public works
  • Effective status: delivered to network and devices, present, absent, etc
  • Availability and shift management
  • Detailed reports management