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Our recording solution Komlog can be integrated with many radio systems and radio consoles available in the market. Interfaces are available for most audio sources, whether analog, RoIP, trunked or DMR. Komlog recording solution is compatible with:




IP Telephony




Cisco UCM

Broadsoft Broadwoks

Cisco UCM Express

Avaya Ip Office

Avaya Aura

Avaya CS1000

Avaya BCM


All RFC 7866 Telephony

All RFC 3261 Telephony

IP Telephony Consoles

Airbus Vesta

Intrado/WEST Viper

Motorola Emergency Call Worx


Motorola Moto Trbo

NXDN Kenwood Gen 1&2

Motorola Astro P25

Kenwood Kairos DMR

 Radio Consoles

Motorola Moto Trbo MCC7500

Neocom Trbonet

Avtec Scout

Zetron Max Dispatch, Acom

Telex IP224, 223