Compliance Management

Compliance Management Solution

The majority of interactions and actions in contacts centers begin with a conversation. This is the reason why it is essential to have access to these conversations at all times and ensure the highest level of Information security management. Call recording and screen capture are the basis of any initiative for well-structured compliance program.

Regulatory Compliance

Access to recorded communications helps assure accordance to internal regulations and industry best practices such as PCI DSS and ISO 27000. In addition, keeping calls, you can refer to them if needed to prove the terms of any transactions over the phone.

Protect Against Litigation

From a public safety service to customer service of your company, regardless of size or market your organization is, recording calls for compliance purposes will definitely help protect your organization against any potential lawsuits.

NovoLog: Compliance Management

All registered NovoLog products meet the highest standards of compliance management.  NovoLog is a flexible, secure and scalable platform supporting management solutions for compliance with the following characteristics.  All registered products meet the HIGHEST standards of compliance management.

  • Security management of groups and users of the recording system through Active Directory;
  • Usage data of all users (audit trail);
  • Easy and secure research, organize, share and replay of recordings through a web interface;
  • Ability to record digital, IP and analog conversations;
  • Open Architecture for easy access to multi-site environments and to other applications.
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