Customer Satisfaction

The satisfaction of today is the loyalty and profitability of tomorrow.

In a competitive marketplace where businesses must become more customer-oriented, customer satisfaction is seen as a key element of differentiation and has increasingly become an essential aspect of any corporate strategy.

Easy to define, the satisfaction of a client lies in the agent ability to meet or exceed customer expectations. That is why many call centers consider customer satisfaction as one of the main key performance indicators.

Being a psychological state, care should be taken to not only gather quantitative measurements, but also to measure qualitative metrics. Historically, indicators suggested to call centers managers to measure the performance of their organization were :

  • Service time
  • Handle time
  • Wait time
  • Number of dropped calls
  • Etc.

Today, these indicators should be aligned with the call center’s objectives such as:

  • Performance management
  • Compliance management
  • Client post-call survey

By focusing on customer satisfaction in their business processes, organizations favour the loyalty of their customers, in additiion to constant revenues and a positive image. Key elements that ensure a successful future.

Empowering customer experience with Komutel products such as NovoCoach and NovoLog will not only enable the assessment of your service quality, but it will also make possible the implementation of best practices in customer satisfaction.

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