Komutel announces the beginning of testing NEW NENA EIDO schema in Canadian NG trials with participating PSAPs


St-Georges—June 29, 2021

Komutel inc. announces today, that it is ready to begin testing the new NENA EIDO (Emergency Incident Data Object) schema as part of its on-going participation in the Canadian NG-trials.

On June 13th, 2021 CRTC decision 2021-199 established March 1st 2022 as the date by which the NG9-1-1 network providers are required to be ready to provide NG9-1-1 Voice, wherever public safety answering points (PSAPs) have been established in a particular region.


Also, at the beginning of June 2021, it was also confirmed by the chair of the Emergency Services Working Group (ESWG), that the NENA Public Review version of the new EIDO specification and schema was released and that all NG9-1-1 Call Handling vendors are expected to use that version and support this EIDO schema selected for Canada  for Day 1 implementation by PSAPs in time for the launch of NG9-1-1 voice services in Canada.


“Along with our partners, we are very excited to continue playing a leadership role towards supporting PSAPs with their migration plans for NG9-1-1 compliance. As one of the first vendors to commit to and support the new NG9-1-1specifications selected in Canada, we provide PSAPs with the opportunity to test their Call Handling Functional Element (CHFE) as soon as the specifications become available enabling more time to test in their environment. Since we have successfully tested and currently support the interim EIDO schema approved for NG-trials in Canada, this represents a natural evolution of our  CHFE solution.  We have a proven track record of partnering with Canadian PSAPs and our focus continues to be on the design and implementation of tailored solutions that will meet all their specific needs while minimizing risks and disruptions. There is a significant benefit to testing new specifications, functions and features well ahead of the March 1, 2022 beginning of PSAP onboarding date.”


We take this opportunity to sincerely thank our partners and the PSAPs participating in the NG trials for their significant investment of time and resources over the last few years to contribute to the launch of NG9-1-1 services in Canada.


About Komutel

Komutel is a leading Canadian developer of 9-1-1 communication solutions which are easily integrated with our Public Safety Client’s existing telecommunications and IT infrastructure (IT, VoIP, TDM, UC, Centrex, VM, mobile, and radio). Komutel’s portfolio of 9-1-1 solutions is designed to cost effectively facilitate migration from legacy environments to NG9-1-1 based on Nena i3 standards, while minimizing risk and disruption as much as possible. Based on Open Standards, the Komutel architecture enables clients to implement modular applications according to their specific needs, requirements and operational preferences. Komutel is a privately-owned Canadian company founded in 2001.

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