Canadian Hospitals Benefit from Real Time Physician Schedule Management

Komutel products will automatically integrate PetalMD physician schedules, allowing hospitals to achieve significant savings and make the physicians’ lives easier.

« This alliance will allow our healthcare customers to have access to an enhanced offer, and most importantly, to benefit from tailored and diversified products, which have proven successful in the field. At the same time, this combined offer comes with an unparalleled return on investment », declares Richard Poulin, Komutel CEO.

Integration of Komutel and PetalMD solutions enable Canadian hospitals to provide their physicians with the best technology in terms of schedule management, while generating important productivity and efficiency gains.

« This combined offer supports the end-to-end physician schedule management process: from the smartphones of the physician to share shifts with colleagues, to the hospital operator. In today’s current context, Canadian hospitals can no longer afford not using all of the means available to improve their clinical and financial performance », says Patrice Gilbert, CEO of PetalMD.

About PetalMD

PetalMD reinvented the physician schedule. Each time physicians use PetalMD to manage non-clinical aspects of their practices they save time. For group scheduling and document and knowledge sharing, the web and mobile platform increases collaboration and productivity, that frees up time for patients and research, and improves quality of life.

PetalMD works by using advanced technology that lets physicians manage several schedules related to different medical fields while respecting different constraints. The product offers numerous advantages in terms of efficiency and knowledge management.

PetalMD is being used by 5000 physicians in places like the Montreal Heart Institute, the CSSS de Gatineau, the CSSS Pierre-Boucher, the University of Toronto and Association des médecins microbiologistes infectiologues du Québec.PetalMD

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