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NG9-1-1 Emergency call Management

The NG9-1-1 transfer is upon us and we are working hard to provide a range of high-performing and effective products for Canadian PSAPs. We are very active in all important processes and meetings in order to build indispensable partnerships.

We actively participate in meetings with ESWG and are NENA members which allows us to be aware of any decisions made by the CRTC or Bell911 for future changes to the Canadian 911 network.

We have developed a connector that will link to ESInet and 911 centers, the i3CI. This product will revolutionize the transition from 911 to NG9-1-1. In fact, Komutel is currently working with key partners to launch the first NG9-1-1 tests and test the i3CI and validate its operation and necessity.

NG9-1-1 standards

Once in place, the NG9-1-1 standards would allow emergency calls in the form of RTT, as well as traditional calls. This will also allow people to upload videos and images to PSAPs, which will give staff a lot more information, and allow them to have more visibility on the situation. With this additional information available, first responders can better assess the severity of a situation and make decisions faster and with greater awareness.

If effective, these changes will enhance the capabilities of law enforcement officers and rescuers in the performance of their duties, and will enable them to save more lives and reduce the risks to the officers themselves in the future. exercise of their functions.

Indeed, these organizations will need appropriate recording solutions to manage and archive such diverse communications. Komutel has therefore developed voice recorders and radio recording tools for public safety organizations, such as police and fire departments, that rely on trunk radio to communicate.

Indeed, NG9-1-1 services must meet the following requirements:

  • Forward emergency service requests directly to the appropriate PSAP
  • Provide automatically accurate location information, subscriber information, the type of device used, and the identity of the originating network provider
  • Enable communications and data to be transferable to downstream agencies and allow PSAPs to re-establish contact with emergency callers when communications are interrupted

At Komutel, we understand and appreciate the importance of reliable, secure IP and trunked radio recording systems that meet the latest safety requirements and industry standards.

Komutel is at the forefront of the development of these next-generation systems, and once the next generation 911 standards are established and ready to be implemented, we will be ready to help public safety organizations in their work. ensure that they meet and exceed these new requirements, thereby enabling public servants to do better.

Our latest news about the NG9-1-1 Emergency call management transition:

Komutel and Avaya conducted the first NG9-1-1 test call successfully with the Ontario Provincial Police

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