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KOMLOG Call Recording Software is an IP, analog and digital recording solution designed for call centers and businesses of all sizes. Reliable and flexible, the KOMLOG solution allows you to record, archive, retrieve and share telephone and radio conversations to meet compliance, protection and staff training needs. RoIP, phone, radio or console.

Komlog User Guide

Why use our Call recording Software, Komlog?

Our call recording solution is designed for various markets such as public safety, air traffic control, corporate security, rail, marine, government, call centers, etc. The browser-based interface uses a highly secure protocol (HTTPS). Access levels can be set based on roles and through selection of rights.  Secure playback can be done remotely on any workstation. Its interface is easy to use and versatile. Discover all the reasons why you must use our Call Recording Software:

  • Maximize the value of each interaction with your customers
  • Improve the retention of your agents and customers, the quality of service, customer satisfaction and reduce customer frustration
  • Improve productivity, profitability, quality maintenance and mitigate risk
  • Increase operational efficiency, facilitate innovation
  • Prevent and resolve disputes by strengthening protection and compliance
  • Save and manage your calls in a simple and secure way
  • Organize, share and listen to your recordings anytime and anywhere


  • IP, analog and digital recording
  • Registration for single or multisite sites
  • Active or passive PBX connection
  • Multiformat compression
  • Multiple security profiles
  • Exportable files
  • Different recording formats: audio, screen, text
  • Hiding call sections or key tones
  • Environment on web application
  • Graphs
  • Timeline
  • Event logs
  • Call Tagging
  • Geolocation (only if ANI/ALI is available)