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Komutel strives to give to their clients the upmost products satisfaction and an unmatched superior service. That’s why our customer service policy relies on constant improvement of our processes and operation modes to better listen to our customers’ needs.

Our strategy is simple: make sure the solution our customer purchases from us becomes an extension of their business reality and unified communication environment.

We divide our services between the projet management, implementation and training. With services from Komutel, you have access to highly experienced professionals delivering strategic insights, experience, and expertise to help you:

  • Implement strategies that fit your business needs and goals
  • Address critical business challenges
  • Maximize the use of your business processes and of your CTI infrastructure

Every project is unique since every environment is different.


Your staff will receive live or remote personalized training, focused on your needs, from an experienced Komutel team member. Our training team has adopted a widely used continuous training method, commonly called EDIC (Explain, Demonstrate, Imitate and Conclude/Correct). This basic method consists in dividing all different notions to be learned within a training session in smaller workshops, to ensure all trainees integrate and master the software/ solution progressively.

Continuous Training

We also offer several continuing software training opportunities for your entire team. An investment in training can help you save money by reducing employee turnover, increasing employee job satisfaction and improving your employees’ retention.

Trainings are performed by experienced technical professionals, who also benefit from continuous training on the latest in trend technologies.


We manage implementations of all sizes: a single console to large project deployments in enterprises of all kinds.

Remote or On-Site Implementation

The size of the project and obviously your expectations will define if the installation will be done remotely or on-site. Komutel uses proven efficient technologies to carry out remote installation and training. The implementation happens as agreed in the project management and is followed by the training session(s), which are given according to the different audiences of the organization (end-user, managers and IT staff).


The technical support for all of Komutel’s solutions is provided through the service contract.

The service contract covers technical support on Komutel solutions 24/7. The service contract is included on all initial product sale for a 12 month duration. You will be contacted by our staff for renewal. The services contract guarantees support and updates for our various solutions.

What can I do if I do not have a service contract?

We invite you to contact us by phone at 1-877-225-9988. We will guide you through all the steps to obtain support. Technical support by members of our tech team will be invoiced on an hourly basis according to the payment terms agreed on with our service contract renewal personnel.


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